Review: The Time of Their Lives takes a contrived road trip from hell

2 out of 4 stars

The Time of Their Lives
Composed by
Roger Goldby
Directed by
Roger Goldby
Joan Collins, Pauline Collins and Franco Nero

This is Thelma amp; Louise for the 70-plus set: the danger is not hick rapists so much as a foreign-language GPS system in a stolen rental car. Dynasty star Joan Collins is Helen Shelley, a Hollywood diva intent on crashing her ex-lover’s funeral. Her partner in crime is Priscilla (Pauline Collins of Shirley Valentine), a mousy wife berated with a husband in a sweater vest. Because of some badly contrived plot, the girls become fast friends and zip off to France.

Director Roger Goldby tinkers with significant issues around aging, simply to steamroll everything with a slipshod script. Helen knows full well her expiry date has come and gone “Actresses cannot find old in Hollywood.” We see her being infantilized by staff in a nursing home — not your average cinematic fare.

Escaping, the girls seduce a rich silver fox (Django‘s Franco Nero) and smoke a joint for arthritis pain (quite Grace and Frankie). But Thelma and Louise they ai not: dead-weight chemistry between the actresses makes this the road trip from hell.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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